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Thursday, Nov 9th 2017


There’s a new industry growing in serving companies with helping them pay their employees students loans. The issue of student loan payments paid for by employers is a complicated issue that the current legislative system fails to address reasonably. For example, currently, employers can not get an exception for paying their employes student loans the same way as it does in providing healthcare, 401K, and other benefits. Some people estimate that the millennials¬†will be the leading workforce in the year 2020, some estimate that 50% of worker will be millennials by that year 2020. The benefits divide raises questions regarding a framework for an employer to pay its employee’s student loans fairly that would allow those millennials 70% of whom will owe student loans to get generous benefits and treatment.

The equity markets closed in the red today. There is concern about the implementation of the GOP tax reform. The GOP tax reform will lead to deficit spending. This deficit could increase the National debt and thereby lead to inflation or be raising interest rates. Atnt is planning on appealing the federal government for denying their merger with Time Warner. The retail chains Macys and Kohls announced earning today.


Resources: This following information is collected daily from the WSJ, Bloomberg, and marketplace.

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