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Tues, Nov 7th 2017


In global news, Dueche bank plans on getting into the leveraged loan business in the United States which leads us to assume that the current political environment is business friendly. In the United States Maersk stock is down 671 bases points due to the earnings report. Automatic data processing (ADP) announced Bill Ackman’s refusal of 3 seats. Bill Ackman reported to Bloomberg in an interview that he is looking forward to the next nine month and will decide if he wants to re-start the champion if ADP fails to keep its promises to its shareholder. Mr.Ackman stated the effect that his presence has had on ADP’s share by saying that he is responsible for making ADP a 112 dollar stock by raising confidence in the market. Democrat Ralph Northam won Virgina’s governor race.

Resources: The information came from public new broadcasters such as Bloomberg, Wallstreet Journal, and NPR.

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