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Mon, Nov 6th 2017

The U.S dollar has weekend due to the market’s anticipation of higher budget deficits from the trump administration. The healthcare company, CVS Health stock, is down 354 bases points after markets close. CVS is an excellent buy in my opinion for a market price of $66.80. Apple is reported to start an issuance of 300 billion dollars of bonds to buy back some of its equity. Disney reportedly talked to 21st Century Fox to acquire a significant stake. According to Larry Summer’s corporations do not need a tax cut because he believes the current debate is not geared to towards future investment but instead focused on adjusting existing investments such as that of apple, google and other publicly held companies that hold a majority of the share of foreign tax-deferred assets. The New-york Federal Reserve Chief announced that he would be stepping down earlier than his tenor expires in January.

References: The following data has been collected from Bloomberg, Up first and the wall street journal

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