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Sat, Nov 4th 2017


Apple earnings and stock rise

Wage stagnation

Bitcoin on CME Group

T-mobile and sprint deal ends

China manufacture PML down

Apple reported higher than expected

Catalonia’s issue

Mylan stock low because of investigation

Government shutdown possible in December

London after Brexit [No longer central according to blainfield interview ]

Hedge fund needs to change its fee structure [fees should be outcome driven]

ADP Tuesday announcement [20% margins]

WPP group [low rev] stock is down

Shell higher stock prices [

Equity higher for yearly month

In the United States, Apple announced higher than expected earnings; their shares are up 261 basis points from yesterdays close. The fed has published wage stagnation as a caveat to this week’s jobs numbers. The cellular service providers T-mobile and Sprint have announced an end to their merger talks. The drug maker Mylan is being investigated by the state for some compliments to its unethical pricing of pharmaceutical drugs. In the opinionated news, Goldman Sachs CEO stated his views on the future of London after Brexit. According to some Democrats, there might be a government shutdown in December of this year. The financial sector believes that hedge funds need to consider their fee structure; an outcome driven compensation structure might save the industry from collapsing.




Sources: The following information has come from the NPR first podcast and the Wall Street Journal podcast. Other references are Bloomberg and other publicly known media broadcasters.

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